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Portability and High level of concentration : Voice recorders are very portable, which means they can be carried around without you feeling the weight at all. With a smartphone, you can get distracted, but there is a higher chance you concentrate using a digital voice recorder to take down notes. Ease with download : Downloading what you have recorded on your digital voice recorder to your computer or tablet is very easy.

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The digital format enhances this ability. Stores any file : Some voice recorders have been designed to not only record audio happenings but to store all kinds of the data which means it can replace your standard USB flash drive. Due to this characteristic, transferring files even becomes more comfortable. Ability to choose modes : Gone are the days where you have only one recording quality mode, with a digital voice recorder, you are open to a lot of options as regards to the recording quality.

Adjustable : It is so much comfortable to move recordings to a point you want with the aid of its playback speed. This saves time and helps you skip out unnecessary details. Uses index marks : With the index mark, you can pin down a particular part of the recording you are interested in. They include; the voice-activated recorders, the miniature recorders, and the stereo recorders. Surveillance experts and law enforcers often use voice-activated recorders. As the name implies, it is only activated when it detects a voice. Although it is an incredible device, there could be some difficulties, especially when using it for day-to-day activities such as in dictation.

Also, the chances are that the voice activation mechanism may experience a delay in recording, which could make you miss out some essential points while recording. Miniature voice recorders like it are called are tiny.

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They are very small that two of them can make up a USB flash device or pen. They are sometimes designed as pen recorders in which they have improved features such as a built-in camera that digitizes the pen strokes and does a quick conversion into scannable images for note sharing. Miniature recorders are very great until you misplace them. Lastly, digital voice recorders are known to capture only mono sound; however, we find some that record in stereo; these are called Stereo voice recorders.

They route audio through two or more channels to create greater depth and improved audio quality. Although they are often bigger, better and more expensive than other types, stereo digital voice recorders produce larger audio tracks, that consume more memory than others. On public opinion, stereo recorders are only suitable when recording music, or during an interview session, apart from that, it is unnecessary. In this buying guide section, one has to consider some factors to get the best of recorders available on the market.

These factors include;. The sound quality of the latter is always better than the former because of how important it is. Therefore, you have to understand what group you belong so that you can know the excellent sound quality. Generally, digital voice recorders have been designed to be portable and lightweight so that they can fit into your pocket or purse without stress.

On the other end, larger voice recorders can be very heavy and hard to maneuver. These are the types that have an external microphone plugged into them. Sometimes, some of these devices select the kind of computer OS they want to work on. If you are using a Windows computer, ensure you go for a recorder that works on the version of your windows; a recorder that only operates on Windows 8, may not open files that have been transferred on Windows One more factor you should put into consideration is the versatility of your digital voice recorders. Some recorders go beyond just recording what is said; some of them are used to play music and take video recordings.

You should understand that the more the functions it has, the more expensive it is. So, when buying your voice recorder either as an amateur or a professional, know what you want to use it to do. This factor has a lot in hand, and it results in the kind of storage a recorder will have. However, two other factors affect the fidelity of sound, and that is the mono and stereo recording.

You must know what to go for to keep the fidelity of your recordings in check. We are in an age where technology is what we live for, and we must catch up with recent inventions. Some of them even come with instruction manuals on how to use it just for beautiful user experience. The difference between these two recording types is based on the number of tracks they are recorded on. For instance, a mono is recorded on one track using a microphone, which ultimately means you can listen to your recordings on headphones while a stereo has two microphones, and are more expensive than the former.

Another difference is in the depth in which you can feel a 3D effect on stereo rather than on mono. There are fluctuations with mono recordings which may ultimately affect the quality of audio produced in the end. One more important factor is storage capacity. Your comment will be reviewed and published shortly. Secret Voice is a paid app for iOS that allows you to record any sound secretly. The recorded voices will be placed in a secret album inside the app, that also features a passcode lock. It allows users to record the voice of the caller for both outgoing and incoming calls.

Did you know that you can dictate what you want to write instead of typing it in Google Docs? Google Docs is actually full of features that can save us time, but few people seem to know about it. Voice typing is a speech-to-text feature that's built-in within the app. This feature first debuted in early Who would've thought that Google Docs has a hidden voice recorder app , right? Now, Voice Typing also works in Google Slides speaker notes. For those who prefer to dictate than type or those with impairments which makes it difficult for them to type, Voice Typing can be very useful.

With its new and improved features, you can dictate formatting, punctuation, and editing- just by using your voice. You can also dictate in other languages.

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Google Docs seems like an advanced secret voice recorder app that makes life a whole lot easier. It could help a lot of professionals from different fields and this could be a powerful tool for students as well.

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Google has an awesome text-to-speech engine built in their Chrome browser and used in Google Assistant. So imagine how Voice Typing can work as your personal stenographer. It's especially easy to work on too. Before you start, make sure your microphone works. When using Google docs, open it with the Chrome browser. Click the 'Tools' menu and look for 'Voice Typing'. A microphone icon will appear. Choose your language and when you're ready to speak, click the microphone. The steps are pretty much the same in Google Slides Speaker Notes.

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But instead of 'Voice Typing', you have to look for 'Voice type speaker notes'. Unfortunately, you need to have a pair of headphones to plug into your phone or voice recorder because it couldn't pick up audio recording through speakers. You have to dictate what's said as you listen along. It features quick recording, hidden app icon, and upload files to Google Drive easily. Aside from that, it can also detect the location of the recorded video. Spyzie is a monitoring app for mobile devices which allows you to track the activity of any smartphone from your device.

You can block apps, set a schedule to restrict mobile usage, track your target's location, and many more. It features an urgent recording power button and encrypted recorder for anti-hacking. Hoverwatch is a cell phone tracker that records SMS, call history and audio, camera, locations, social media activities such as Facebook and WhatsApp, internet activities, and more.

Secret Call Recorder Lite is an app developed by SimpleApps09 that can record calls and can be sent automatically to a Gmail or email account. Fix bug Ambient Voice Record. Record phone conversation as hidden sound file. Is Keystroke Logging Illegal. RecForge Pro My app of choice is RecForge Pro, a versatile and powerful audio recorder that includes both manual and automatic gain control, cloud integration, editing, multiple recording formats mp3, ogg, and WAV at adjustable quality levels, widgets, notification disabling, playback speed adjustments, multiple languages, and more.

RecForge is a beast of an audio recorder.