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Defending Linux IllustratIon: harry campbell I disagree with this article. I think Linux is a success. Tese days, a new distro pretty much works out of the box. Tat means there is a critical mass of people using it right now, enough to involve companies like Adobe, Nvidia, AMD, Intel, IBM, and others to make sure their sofware works with Linux. Second, if you include Android and MeeGo, you would see that Linux is expected to be the number one OS kernel for the mobile industry.

When I posted a question, nearly all of the responses were nothing more than telling me what an idiot I was for asking the question. At one time, I believed that Linux could have been a viable option as a desktop operating system. Over the past year or so, I have come to realize that Linux is basically just a novelty OS. Treviso, PCWorld. Te average PC user is clueless. DonZiegler, PCWorld. And these grandmothers are the people clicking on fake antivirus links, fake PC tune up links, and fake screensavers.

Good article, but a little heavy on outdated stereo types for my tastes. I hate loading many sites on a mobile device because they take so much time rendering the page and try ing to scale it down at the same time. And then I end up resizing the screen to read everything anyway. Te service providers have us over a barrel unless we all speak out against these ridiculous monthly service charg es and hidden fees for Internet and e mail functionality.

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PaSystems, PCWorld. GetReal, PCWorld. My total outlay for X10 products purchased over 30 years has been less than bucks! Panasonic recommends Windows. Toughbook notebook PCs are covered by a 3-year limited warranty, parts and labor. To view the full text of the warranty, log on to panasonic.

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Please consult your Panasonic representative prior to purchase. In stores and online now! But one positive thing may brighten your spirits this holiday season: cheap TVs. Deals abound pcworld. How far are your entertainment dollars likely to stretch during the current shopping season? Te result in the long term will be price cuts on plasma TVs, too. January pcworld. What to Look For Most people try to buy the biggest TV their budget al lows without worrying about brand or extra features. That strategy can lead to disap pointment, however. Look for price wars among plasma TV makers. We ex pect economical plasma sets from LG and Samsung to pressure plasma TV stal warts such as Panasonic to drop their prices as well.

Budget Busting Extras When considering midrange TVs, penny pinchers should ask themselves how badly they want the extra features. You might find sets equipped with p, ten point white balance, or 3D, but you can save a lot by buying a TV with only the features you need. If you insist on getting 3D on your set, find out wheth er 3D glasses are included in the purchase price.

Do you need a streaming service? TV makers have been racing to add built in support for frills such as Netflix video streaming, Twitter access, and Yahoo Gadgets. Before you buy, review the kinds of content you watch and where you watch it, and then consider how much you want to invest in future proofing your purchase.

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The infrared-light-based L5 remote dongle and app bundle snaps onto an iPhone or iPad and lets it act as a universal remote. The interface is highly customizable. The antidote is the Buzz Killer Card. Place your mobile phone on this mouse pad— size mat, and never again hear the BlackBerry buzz during conference calls.

To participate in the deals program, you must check in to Places, thereby revealing your location to Facebook. Any deals in your immediate vicinity will show up on your handset iPhone only for now.

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To receive a dis count, you check in at the retailer, and then show a vir tual coupon to the cashier. Such data is a gold mine for third party advertisers, if they can get ahold of it. At some point, deals and location based services are likely to lead back to adver tising. Currently companies can ofer deals on Facebook for free. To accompany the Peel, Sprint is ofering a month by month no contract 1GB 16 pcworld.

Te Peel also ofers advanced WeP security for its hotspot functionality. To encourage iPod Touch owners to give the Peel a trial run, Sprint is including a 30 day no commitment, money back guarantee: Within 30 days of purchas ing the Peel, users can re turn the hardware and be reimbursed for the purchase price as well as for the acti vation fee. Sprint will also waive the restocking fee and refund the relevant monthly service charge. Sprint is selling the Peel in its retail store locations, as well as directly on its Web site.

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John P. Mello Jr. Bizzy takes a slightly different approach: you answer about 20 questions covering your favorite breakfast place, dive bar, or hair salon. DooID: Controlled sharing If you give someone your contact information, you obviously want them to be able to reach you; but there are limits, and they vary. DooID makes that kind of nuanced sharing possible. Acer recommends Windows 7. Some utilities may indicate varying storage capacities. Total user-accessible capacity may vary depending on operating environments. For a free copy of the standard limited warranty end-users should see a reseller where Acer products are sold or write to Acer America Corporation, Warranty Department, P.

Box , Temple, TX This software does not come with the display. In those areas where on-site service is provided, a technician will be dispatched, if necessary, following efforts to resolve the problem by telephone support. Pricing is effective from December 1, through January 31, Information is subject to change without notice. Prices shown are estimated street prices and do not include tax or shipping. Retailer or reseller prices may vary. Product images are representations of some of the models available and may vary from the model you purchase.

Disclaimer: these are expert-level hacks. Performing any of them could result in unintended consequences, such as an unusable phone or bruised ego. Proceed at your own risk. Chris Head advanced Visionary Jailbreaking cyanogenmod 6. But someone in the forum devised a hack, and now member unforgiven has written a detailed how-to guide for anyone who wants to attempt the operation.

But most testers on the developer forum have reported success with the root codes. Elizabeth Fish For more hacks, tips, and hardware news, visit the GeekTech blog go. A new Firefox plug in makes it easy for even tech novices to snoop wireless traTc. Security researchers devel oped the Firesheep plug in to highlight how insecure public Wi Fi hotspots can be. Wi Fi hotspots open to the general public are security nightmares. If your laptop can connect to a wireless router feet away, so can any other device within feet of the router. Before doing sensitive tasks over public Wi Fi, use VPn to create an encrypted tun nel between your system and the destination system.

Tony Bradley January pcworld. Hitachi LifeStudio Mobile Plus Standout features of this unique portable hard drive include software that organizes data into a wall-like 3D display, and upload shortcuts for exporting images to Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa. RockMelt Browser news junkies and Facebook addicts, take note: The new socially focused Web browser rockMelt might be for you. This Chromium-based browser has built-in hooks to social networks, blogs, and news Websites, so you can keep tabs on your world without having to open a new browser window.

Do more. Samsung Solid State Drive. Samsung Solid State Drives access data significantly faster than typical hard drives. Now you can boot in as little as 15 seconds, open intensive programs twice as fast, and render video file clips in up to 30 percent less time.

Whether you are a tech enthusiast or a hardcore gamer, Samsung Solid State Drives will maximize your ability to get more done in less time. Walmart Enters the Phone Fray once associated with boring, limited phones aimed at rela Perhaps the most telling sign that cellular plans are fast be tively low income users, prepaid plans are the new black. What if you move to an area with poor reception?

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When I spoke with Best version of the iPad as well as the galaxy Buy Mobile president shawn score in tab , but in those cases you would be limnovember, he said that stand-alone ited in the choice of service plans.