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No, but it is detrimental to your personal privacy. It is an electronic surveillance device. Think of a GSM bug as a striped down cell phone. No keypad. No speaker. No screen. It is just a transmitter, a microphone, usually a battery, and sometimes a miniature video camera. Just add a SIM card and this electronic eavesdropping device is ready to spy. The important thing to know is that a GSM bug leverages the power of the international cellular telephone system. The bugger can listen-in, and watch if video equipped, from anywhere there is cellular phone service.

GSM Bug? What’s That?

Activation features can be extensive. Some can automatically alert the eavesdropper when they sense sound in the area, motion near the device, or movement of the device itself, as when it is used in a vehicle.

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  • There are several models of GSM bugs. The most common ones being sold have a self-contained battery. These are used as temporary, quick-plant eavesdropping devices. Other models are made for permanent placement.